New Ends #02

Ed Powers, the King of debut videos, takes his schtick to the backdoor in this volume of the spin off to his Dirty Debutantes series. This video, which could just as easily have been called "Anal Debutantes", varies not one degree from the others. So, from the get go, if you like Ed then keep going, if you don't, you would be best not to have picked up this title atall. Anisa opens up New Ends 2 with a brief introduction. She makes a big deal about being casual and un made up, but she still looks dangerously cute in jeans and baseball cap as she leads us into her own scene with Ed and Jake Steed. Avoiding the usual long interview session, we go straight to Anisa wrapping her beautiful lips around Steed's huge cock. I mean, this is a sight. One of the tiniest porn stars I have ever seen sucking on what has to be the biggest cock in porn today. Hardly one to be overmatched, the lovely Phillipina gives Jake a thorough sucking before hopping atop his horse dick. It's slow going at first, but soon Anisa is riding hard and fast as if her life depends on it.

Featuring: K.C. James, Christian, Jaylynn, Kitty Yung

Scenes from New Ends #02

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