More Black Dirty Debutantes #03

Variety in the tradition of Dirty Debutantes! Each scene is a fantasy-turned-reality, filled with true desires and expressions. The largest cast ever in a Black Dirty Debutantes movie! Martin and Brandi are part of the lifeline in this series, and what they bring to it is priceless and precious. Lovely Crystal Knight and Sam are a true find. Special girl/girl appearances include Onyx with Crystal and Cheyanne with Felicia. Sabrina pops in, and Caress makes her debut with a threeway! Wow! ENJOY! Love, Ed Powers Starring: Brandi, Sabrina, Crystal Knight, Onyx, Cheyanne, Felicia, Carress, Martin, Sam, Ed Powers.

Featuring: Brandi, Sabrina Malerno, Crystal Knight, Felecia Danay, Cheyenne

Scenes from More Black Dirty Debutantes #03

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